Licensing Laws - England and Wales

The Licensing Act 2003

The full Licensing Act 2003 as well as a number of Schedules and Regulations that relate to the Act. Go to Licensing Laws England and Wales link

The Licensing Act 2003 requires training for personal licence holders and designated premises supervisors.

Although it is not compulsory in England and Wales as it is in Scotland for all staff to complete staff training before working in licensed premises, it is highly advised for staff to be trained and a Record of Training be kept on premises.


Licensing Laws - Useful Links

The full Licensing Act 2003 can be downloaded from:

 There are also a number of Regulations that add to the ‘bare bones’ of the Act. These are:

1. Licensable activities

2. Licensing authorities

3. Premises licences

4. Clubs

5. Permitted temporary activities

6. Personal licences

7. Offences

8. Closure of premises

9. Miscellaneous and supplementary

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