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‘Having completed the ServeWise online course, I think that the course was great, the ‘take notes’ and ‘jargon buster’ facilities were very useful.’ Jennifer, Part time bar person


‘I completed the ServeWise online course to give me a better chance at getting a job, three weeks later I am working in a pub!’ Amanda, Full time bar person


‘We were worried about the new laws and how to train the staff properly, I bought courses for all of my staff and was impressed at how easy and suitable this course was for us. The posters provided in the course have also came in useful and are on our pub walls.’ Irene, Premises Manager


‘The service provided was extremely helpful. It took me around two and a half hours for me to complete the course. I think online training is a very worthwhile idea.’ Mick, Event and promotions worker football news


‘The course was laid out very well, all of the relevant information was there and was easy to understand. ’Doing this course saved me a lot of time and I also learned a lot about the new laws and how they affect me at work.’ John, Full time bar person

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