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1. Who are ServeWise and QHI?

2. Who should do these courses?

3. Can I complete this course if I don't have an employer or job yet?

4. Is this a personal licence holder's course?

5. How much do the courses cost?

6. How do I pay?

7. How do I login to the course?

8. What if I don't have an email address?

9. How long will it take to complete the course?

10. How many sections are in the course?

11. Does the course have to be completed in one session?

12. Do I have to do an exam?

13. What happens if I fail my course?

14. What will I receive when I finish the course?

15. What is a Record of Training and what do I do with it?

16. What are Premises Practices and what do I do with them?

17. How and when do I get my Record of Training?

18. How do I know the Record of Training is genuine?

19. How long does my Record of Training last for?

20. Can I go into my course and read the learning areas after completing it?

21. When do I have to re-train?

22. What do I do if I want to upgrade to an accredited qualification?

23. How can my employer check I have completed the course?

24. Is there a ServeWise course suitable for managers?


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